Top 10 Problem Solving Products That Are Just Pure Genius

Solving life’s little annoyances, one nifty product at a time…

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Do-It-Yourself Neck Massager

If you’re often aching for a massage but don’t have the time or money to book an hour’s session with a massage therapist, here’s a hack!

This pressure point therapy neck massager can ease that tension buildup in your neck and shoulders, tension headaches, migraines, and stiffness right in the comforts of your own home. Do it yourself and get it for just under $30!

Muama Enence Instant Translator

This nifty little gadget allows you to have a real time two-way conversation with any person on this planet! Simply press the button, speak and get the voice translation in 1.5 seconds. It enables you to communicate in over 40 languages. Click below to see a video of how well this works in action…

Foldable Reading Glasses In A Keychain Case

You know what’s annoying with reading glasses? You take them off for a minute and the next thing you know, they’re nowhere to be seen. Or, they are never on you just when you need help reading the fine print on a menu.

With these foldable reading glasses, you won’t have to struggle reading the fine print anywhere. These are so small and compact, they can be stored in a tiny carrying case on your keychain! When you need them, simply push the slider forward, pop the glasses out, slide them onto your nose, and read away!

They are currently on sale so now is the best time to cop a pair!

Fingerprint Smart Padlock

Are you still using traditional key, or combination padlocks? What happens if you lose the keys or forget the combinations?

With this smart padlock, all you need is your fingerprint. No more wasted time! Plus, it can store multiple fingerprints so you can share it with everyone in the family (or office!)

Mini Bluetooth Tracking Device (Never Lose Your Stuff Again…)

How many times have you found yourself standing in front of your car door, reaching into your pocket, and finding out that your car keys are nowhere to be found? You dig through your purse, go through coat pockets, head back indoor to search the couch, kitchen drawers, countertops, washing machine and dryer. No keys.

If this sob story is getting all too familiar, then this genius invention is for you! Simply attach the tracker to your keys, download the free compatible app onto your phone, and sync your Bluetooth tracker. The next time you lose your keys, just go onto the app and sound the alarm.

Wondering where this product has been all your life? Well, it’s here now and you can get it for just $22.99!

Wireless Bluetooth Receiver

No flashy, in-car infotainment system? No problem! Simply plug this device into the mic port of your car, sync it with your phone, and conveniently stream everything from music to podcasts right from your car’s speaker!

This new hands-free invention uses a 3.5mm Bluetooth receiver and will allow you to play your favourite music on-the-go without fiddling with any wires!

Foldable Solar Phone Charger

It sucks running out of juice when you’re out camping, hiking or at a festival.

The solution? Get your own personal solar panel so you can keep your mobile devices charged whenever you’re on-the-go! Simply hang this gadget up on your backpack or tent, plug in the USB cord, and it’ll keep charging under the sun. Your mobile devices will never be out of power again!

Magnetic Car Phone Holder

Don’t you hate it every time your phone comes crashing down at every sharp turn or bump on the road? It’s not only annoying but also extremely dangerous.

This magnetic car phone holder conveniently sticks to any dashboard and keeps your phone up near eye level and in place. No more fumbling around in your purse or in the glove compartment. Now, you can use your phone as a GPS, view text messages, listen to podcasts, and more!

USB Electronic Flameless Lighter

Stop wasting money on disposable lighters that never seem to work when you need them most. They’re either out of fuel, or it’s windy out and you can’t keep the flame alive long enough to actually light what needs to be lit.

This USB electronic lighter is here to save the day (or night). It’s flameless and weather-resistant so you can rely on it even on windy or rainy days. It’s also rechargeable via USB so you can finally kiss lame Bics goodbye…

Magnetic Fast Charging Cable For Any Smartphone

Do you find yourself fumbling with the charging cord in the dark while binge-watching a show on Netflix? Or perhaps you struggle to charge your phone while driving?

Well, never again! This magnetic charging cable lets you plug and unplug your devices single-handedly. With its yank-resistant features, 360-degree round pin, and a blue light for visibility in the dark, charging has never been more convenient!

You just plug the tiny magnet part into your phone and the long cable attaches to it magnetically. You’ll never go back to normal plug-in cables again…

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