Top 10 Most Unique Gifts For Guys

For men who are notoriously difficult to shop for, here are 10 awesome gadgets that guys will love to unwrap on Christmas morning!

Wowstick Precision Cordless Electric Screwdriver

If you know someone who loves a bit of DIY, here’s the perfect gift for people who love to fix stuff and tinker…

They call this the WOWStick for a reason. Because unlike traditional screwdrivers, this will make their projects so much easier to handle. All they need to do is press a button and this neat little gadget will start spinning automatically, doing all the hard work.

Packed with 18 different replaceable heads and a handy extension bar, they’ll soon be fixing that pair of glasses, mobile phone or other broken gizmos like a pro!

Japanese Style Whiskey Glass with Wooden Base

Whiskey and cigar aficionados can be particularly difficult to shop for. If you’re not sure which bottle to get them, give them this beautiful whiskey glass with a wooden base instead. Just choose between black walnut or beech – you can’t really go wrong with this one.

Smart Mini Bluetooth Tracker

Remember the times when you’re running late for work and realize you don’t have your keys or wallet with you? You then frantically start looking everywhere and as minutes go by, you are filled with dread knowing that you’ll never make it on time now. We all hate that…

Well, technology has solved that issue for us once and for all! Whether it’s your car keys, mobile phone, luggage, or tote bag, this mini Bluetooth tracker ensures you are never without your daily essentials again.

Just attach this tiny device to stuff you tend to misplace and your phone will be able to track it for you within seconds!

WiFi Inspection Camera (720P)

Whether finding a hole in a water pipe behind walls or simply showing the kids how gross the shower drain can be, this gizmo can get your guy out of any mess (or up close with it!)

Much like an endoscope used to look inside our body, this tool will allow you to inspect hard to reach spaces. It’s an indispensable gadget for car repairs, precision electronics work, search and rescue, customs detection, plumbing, or just to play around with for fun!

Modern Minimalist Watch For Men

Still not sure what to get? Here’s a fool-proof gift idea no watch-wearing man can resist! Looking understated and polished with just enough details for functionality, this watch is a far cry from all the frivolous and monstrous sports watches we see nowadays.

And get this, this watch is available in a whopping 13 possible dial and bracelet combinations! Whether it’s for your dad, a boyfriend, or a co-worker, there’s bound to be one that matches their style and personality!

And the best part? This Quartz-powered watch is yours for only $25.99!

10 Different Lenses For Smartphone Photography Enthusiasts

From close-up macro to some long distance telephoto shooting, this kit is sure to take anyone’s photography skills to the next level. After all, even real men hate lugging around bulky DSLR’s and tripods. 

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Upgrade his music-listening experience with these wireless Bluetooth headphones! Not only do they render beautifully crisp and crystal-clear audio but there’s no stray cord to trip over.

Unlike so many dubious sounding earbuds, these are brilliant when it comes to sound. Enjoy the boomy bass, sharp and clear highs, and a wide vocal range.

They fold up neatly, are available in a bunch of funky colors and cost less than $50.

Xiaomi Car Dash Cam (1080P & Voice Activated) 

Whether you’re concerned about dad getting into a car accident or want to support your vlogger boyfriend, you can’t go wrong with this state of the art dash camera.

Equipped with a Sony IMX323 image sensor, H.264 photography compression technology, and a 1080P full HD lens, impress them with its great picture quality, real-time footage, vice command feature, and 130 degrees field of view!

You can snag it here for less than $100!

B57 Stylish Smartwatch For android or iOS

Nothing excites a gadget lover more than unwrapping a new piece of tech. And if it’s this sleek and stylish smartwatch, you just made their birthday morning all the more magical. Get it here for only $29.99!

GANZO G202B MultiTool

Shopping for your favorite person’s next adventure? Go beyond the usual sleeping bags and tents! Turn them into the ultimate preparedness guru with this plier multitool that packs everything from a can opener to a screwdriver in one handy tool!