Spice Up Your Work Place With These Top 10 Most Useful Office Gadgets

Every workplace has the cool guy, the football fanatic, the office gossip, the gorgeous one and the lazy bum.

And every office also has that one person who owns the coolest gadgets. From self stirring mugs to fold-able stand up desks, staple-free staplers to USB plug cooling fans – we’ve collected the coolest office gadgets to make your working life a little bit easier, or at least get a good laugh from your co-workers!

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Mini Flexible USB Cooling Fan with LED Clock

This fan instantly creates a real-time clock in midair… So not only will it cool you down with its gentle breeze, it will also show you the time and looks super cool (video in the link below).


Sound Intone P6 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Swap the sounds of someone from marketing loudly retelling their story of being drunk in Ibiza for some sweet solitude with these, the best value-for-money cans on the market. Wire-free, built-in radio, TF memory card slot. Need we say more?


Magnetic Levitating Globe With LED Lights

Watch Earth levitate in front of you and spin on its axis in mid-air! This modern tellurion — an instrument that shows you how Earth’s rotation affects night, day and the seasons — also serves as an eye-catching decoration for your home or office.


Portable Standing Desk Conversion Kit

The health benefits of standing over sitting are many – in short, it’s less likely to kill you – but rather than splashing out on a hulking great stand-up desk, why not have the next best thing? This portable standing desk conversion kit doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and is also ideal for checking emails on your laptop in bed.


The Incredible Self Stirring Mug

This has to be the ultimate gift for those super lazy hot-beverage-drinkers in your life. Yes, of course you will still need a teaspoon for adding coffee, or removing the teabag and yes, it will still need to be washed up. So in fact it’s no more time-saving than using a regular mug and giving it a stir, but it’s just so much cooler to press a button and see your hot bevvie swirl in a beautiful vortex…


Identity Theft Protection Stamp (Handier Than Bulky Shredders)

These roller ink stamps can hide all personal information found on bank statements, letters, credit card bills, and more. The secret is in its special encrypted text, and oil based ink. So the next time you have a paper that needs shredding, take this out instead. All you have to do is press the button on top to expose the ink. Then, like a highlighter, press the stamp down and roll it over the text.


Retro Telephone Handset (Radiation-proof)

If you talk on the phone a lot, you probably want to avoid your cellphone frying your brain cells. The solution: This handy retro handset, which you can easily plug into your cellphone to avoid any radiation going near your head. It also has answer / hang-up and volume buttons that will work with most cellphones, and is super easy to use. Just plug it in and talk, your phone can rest on your desk or in your pocket.


Super Portable Document Scanner

This ultra compact scanner is ideal for office use or for when you’re on the go. Simply swipe it over any image or document, save it and then print it via any PC. It’s a super easy and much cheaper way to scan documents quickly and saves lots of space compared to bulky flat bed scanners.


Building Blocks Mug For Master Builders

Most mugs are boring. You know that already… Almost all of them contain a piece of text, and that’s it. But this mug on the other hand, is 100% customizable with one of your favorite childhood toys — building blocks! Get creative and design your own personal mug, or buy it for your co-workers and see who is the most creative.


Staple-Free Mini Stapler

How frustrating is it to run out of staples and then having to look around for new ones? Or what about getting a stack of stapled papers and then trying to take them apart with your fingers because no one knows where the staple wire remover is? Of course, you end up hurting your finger with the sharp wires. Well suffer no more because this staple-free stapler works the same way as your old one. Just insert paper sheets and press it down. It will slice the paper and create a little flap, binding it effectively.

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