Incredible Lighting Ideas That Will Make Your Living & Outdoor Space Look Out Of This World

Want to showcase your holiday spirit to the entire neighborhood? Take the celebration to your porch, patio, and garden with these dreamy outdoor and indoor holiday lights (that will look lovely all year around…)

Solar-Powered Globe String Lights

Looking for something whimsical but also durable enough to withstand the rain, wind, and other harsh-conditions? This globe-string lights deliver on both counts with its glass-like aesthetic and IP65 waterproof rating!

But that’s not all! It runs on a limitless supply of renewable solar energy so you won’t have to worry about driving up your electricity bills in the next few months.

Drape the lights across some bushes or hang across your yard for an instantly enchanting space. It’s not only great for the holidays, string lights are pretty much a staple when it comes to creating a romantic and cozy atmosphere anytime of the year!

Realistic 3D Moon Lamp

A totally refreshing and cosmic-inspired take to indoor lighting, this NASA-inspired lamp let’s you bask in the moon’s beauty without the need for a large telescope.

Designed according to NASA satellite images, this lamp is a faithful reproduction of the moon’s surface, texture spots and craters, done so with the help of 3D printing technology. Now, you can literally reach for the moon.

You will want to own this lovely lamp, but it also makes for the perfect gift this holiday season!

Laser Christmas Lights Projector With Remote Control

Climbing up a ladder to hang the lights and then having to take them back down again after the holidays is no easy feat… Now you can turn your surroundings into a Christmas wonderland with minimal to no effort!

Just find the perfect spot in your lawn, stake this laser light down, and watch it project thousands of dazzling green and red colors onto your home and landscape!

Flameless Electronic LED Candles

Set a festive and relaxing vibe indoor with these realistic looking flameless candles! Sure, the real thing will give you the same ambiance, but they contribute to indoor pollution, melt, so you have to keep buying more, and can be a dangerous fire hazard.  

Enjoy the same romantic and tranquil atmosphere without the hazards using these fantastic flameless candles!

Solar Powered Fairy Lights

Here’s another surefire way to spread some holiday cheer in your community. Turn your home into a winter wonderland with this water and heat-resistant fairy light!

Wrap ’em around flower pots, trees and bushes, along your fence, stair rails, porches, or pretty much anywhere indoor or outdoor. Get it in white or warm white color for an instantly cozy, whimsical, or romantic atmosphere. Or why not string the multi-colored ones for an instantly festive evening?

Solar-Powered Mosaic Garden Light

A charming addition to your patio, porch, fairy garden, or balcony, this mosaic garden light also makes for a fascinating decorative accent at home.

The solar component fits at the top so all you need to do is to let it sit in the sun during the day and by nightfall, you’ll be rewarded with a vibrant light show!

Shining brightly for up to 8 hours, it’s enough to keep you or your guests entertained the whole evening and when the sun comes up, it will automatically turn off.

Fire Flame Lightbulb

Instantly give your home a more relaxing and cozy atmosphere with this special lightbulb! 

Everybody loves the soft fire of a candle. It’s soothing and captivating. But not many people use them anymore because they always need to be replaced. This single lightbulb is changing that forever though…

Without needing gas or actual fire, it still lights up and moves like a real flame. As long as it’s powered on, it’ll flicker and dance non-stop, filling the bulb with a warm orange blaze. And your room, with a romantic vibe like how real candles do. Only this time, you don’t have to worry about the flame ever going out.

Solar LED Lights For Walkway, Driveway Lawn Or Garden

Help your guests find their way through your winter wonderland with these waterproof and solar-powered LED lights!

Use them to light up your pathways and walkways as well as your pool, garden, or patio!