Shopping Panic Ends Here! Top 10 Gifts For All Generations…

Gift-giving is supposed to be a happy experience until it’s not. Long queues stretching down the road and aggressive shoppers mark the start of this annual holiday shopping madness. On top of that, what to buy your relatives?

We’ve taken the madness out of the shopping pressure and made it easy for you, with our shortlist of the greatest gifts, for all member of your family, young or old, male or female. Check out our cool gift ideas at incredible prices + FREE Shipping worldwide!

1. For those who always have cold feet

Electric Foot Warmer

If you know anyone who’s feet are always cold, here’s something that will make their winter a whole lot warmer. Now, they won’t have to keep their feet warm with layers of wool socks.

Be warned! This device is pretty addictive (buy 2 – it’s bound to be fought over)…

2. For Kids who should play outside more

Hybrid SEAL Drone (Sea, Land & Air)

Got kids who are hopelessly hooked on computer games? Do you find it impossible to wrestle those gadgets out of their tiny little hands? Maybe, you don’t have to! Get them one of these drones and they’ll be out of the door soon enough. It can fly, cruise on land and swim like a boat (watch the video in the product description to see how cool this really is…)

3. For gadget enthusiasts

B57 Stylish Unisex Smartwatch For android or iOS

Nothing excites a gadget lover more than unwrapping a new piece of tech. And if it’s this sleek and stylish smartwatch, you just made their birthday morning all the more magical. Get it here for only $29.99!

4. For the whiskey connoisseur

Deluxe Whiskey Glass with Wooden Base

Whiskey and cigar aficionados can be particularly difficult to shop for. If you’re not sure which bottle to get them, give them this beautiful whiskey glass with a wooden base instead. Just choose between black walnut or beech – you can’t really go wrong with this one.

5. For lovers of the night sky

Realistic 3D Moon Lamp

A totally refreshing and cosmic-inspired take to indoor lighting, this NASA-inspired lamp let’s you bask in the moon’s beauty without the need for a large telescope.

Designed according to NASA satellite images, this lamp is a faithful reproduction of the moon’s surface, texture spots and craters, done so with the help of 3D printing technology. Now, you can literally reach for the moon!

You will want to own this lovely lamp, but it also makes the perfect gift for the person you love to the moon and back…

6. For people who deserve a good neck massage

Heated Shiatsu Massager

Do you or your partner wish you could enjoy a proper Swedish massage at least once a week?

This is just the sort of gadget you don’t realise you need until you actually try it.

The wrap around massager heats up and has big, soft, rotating massage heads that mimic a real Swedish shiatsu treatment.

A great tension reliever that relaxes the muscles and according to some actually aids sleep!

You just found the perfect gift and all for less than $60!

7. For wannabe stunt drivers

4WD All-Terrain RC Stunt Car

Here’s something that will give them the same excitement and high-octane fun minus a broken neck or worse. Not convinced? Head to our product page, watch the video and thank us later.

8. For a good laugh!

Sure, bunnies are cute and adorable but they breed like crazy. If you don’t fancy having your very own warren or you just wanna keep the kids entertained for hours, this hilarious talking hamster is your best bet.

It repeats anything you say to it with its cute little hamster voice and is bound to get a lot of giggles from anyone big or small.

And the best part  – It’s a steal at just $19.99 (free shipping worldwide)!

9. For outdoorsmen (or women)

GANZO G202B MultiTool

Shopping for your favorite person’s next adventure? Go beyond the usual sleeping bags and tents! Turn them into the ultimate preparedness guru with this plier multitool that packs everything from a can opener to a screwdriver in one handy tool!

10. For aspiring artists or those who love to doodle

Kids can get really creative, especially when they’re bored. In fact, so creative that they sometimes turn the wall and the furniture into their very own canvas. Channel this creativity the right way with this LCD Drawing tablet!

Didn’t find something suitable? Check out the Super Gadget Store for more amazing gift ideas at incredible prices…