Say Goodbye to Tangled Wires with RockSpace True Wireless Earbuds

…because wires around your ears are sooooo 20th Century

We’ve all been there before. You’re heading out your door to start your morning commute, ready to muffle out the sounds of early morning and the surrounding world with your carefully curated playlist. You go to plug in those earphones in order to drown out the reality happening around you, and then suddenly, catastrophe strikes. You’re faced with a tangled mess of wires, a daunting jigsaw puzzle that requires way too much dexterity this early in the morning to release those buds from their imprisoned web.

RockSpace feels your pain, and they want to remedy that issue once and for all with their truly wireless earbuds.

The problem with the development of truly revolutionary wireless earbuds is twofold: where to store them and how to keep them charged. Then, inspiration struck. The company set out to design a case that could not only store and house those earbuds when they weren’t in use, but charge them at the same time, thereby giving an extra 8 hours of extra usage time.

It’s easy, convenient and handy – something other headphones simply can’t tout. And with a built in microphone that can take calls, RockSpace are truly the only headphones you need.

As for the design, RockSpace Wireless Earbuds maintained many ergonomic benefits by adding just the right amount of curvature and length to create a comfortable, snug contact radius with the concha. The buds come equipped with a quick-action control button, allowing for easy playing and pausing, as well as skipping songs and accepting incoming calls.

The wireless acoustic technology match with Digital Signal Processors (DSP) to deliver powerful lows for an excellent sound experience, making RockSpace a dream come true for even the snobbiest audiophiles.

There are many wire-free earbuds out there that sound great. But there are none that offer such phenomenal value for money.

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The package includes two RockSpace earbuds, a charging case, a micro USB cable, a product manual and 5 different interchangeable silicone tips to perfectly fit any type of ear.

Prepare for RockSpace to untangle your world and sing a sweet melody to your eardrums with its cutting edge, wireless audio technology.

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